Looking to Sunday

A website with WRITTEN REFLECTIONS and RECORDED REFLECTIONS related to the Sunday Scriptures proclaimed in the Roman Catholic Church.  The written and recorded reflections are by Rev. Thomas  Iwanowski, a Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Newark.

WRITTEN REFLECTIONS: The site contains the weekly reflections sent by email to subscribers of LOOKING TO SUNDAY® These reflections help readers to hear and understand the scripture readings proclaimed at Sunday Mass. An archive of past reflections is also posted. To learn how to subscribe to this free service, go to the SIGN UP page.  

RECORDED REFLECTIONS: The site also contains audio versions of the written reflection.

By looking to what is proclaimed at Sunday Mass we find the hope, inspiration, and strength to more faithfully live as followers of Jesus Christ.

Looking to Sunday ® first began to be published in 2008.